Education Programmes

Our Approach

We offer a wide range of educational services, all centred around the “Care Farming” principle of using the land, animals and the natural environment as a medium to engage with children.

As well as the substantial published evidence, we have first-hand experience of how working in the open air (particularly in a farm setting) can develop confidence and self-belief and improve mental health, as well as providing a stimulating environment in which to learn.

We provide a tailored alternative education program for children at risk of exclusion, as well as sessions and events for visiting schools and Home Ed students.

Please Note: We are not a school and cannot provide school placements

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Some Frequently Asked Questions can also be found below.

Schools Visits & Events

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Sessions and event days for visiting school groups, supporting wellbeing and teaching new skills.

One-to-One Provision

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Tailored sessions for children guided by a youth worker, aimed at improving confidence, self-belief, focus and school engagement.

Home Ed Group Sessions

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Home Ed student sessions, focussing on group project activities, socialising and learning new land-based skills.

View our Policies

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Safeguarding Policy
Bonterre’s Curriculum
Health & Safety Policy
Student Behaviour Policy
Data Protection Policy
Drugs and Medication Policy
Transporting Children Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do children have to be on roll in a ‘main’ school?

Bonterre is not a registered school as it does not provide full time education. At the moment there is no legal means for part time providers to register with the Department for Education. All children attending our one-to-one programs must therefore be registered with a school and the school will contract us to provide sessions for the child.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Bonterre is committed to protecting your privacy, including GDPR and online security. Please contact us for a copy of our privacy and confidentality policies

Who pays for the work you do?

We do not receive any money from the government. Typically schools will use their pupil premium funding or they will include our provision in a child’s EHCP to contract us to provide our services.

Is Bonterre suitable for children with physical disabilities?

Children in wheelchairs have attended our Farm to Fork days and were able to access all of the activities around the farm. Our toilet contains grab handles and is large enough for a small wheelchair. As Bonterre is a farm, the time of year will have an impact on accessibility but we are happy to discuss your needs.

What do you do to ensure children are kept safe?

DBS checks are carried out and references taken for all staff and volunteers that are working on site when children are present. We train staff regularly to ensure that everyone follows our safeguarding policy. We also have a range of risk assessments and health and safety policies to reduce the risk of harm from any site activities.

Can you provide written confirmation that you follow all safeguarding guidelines?

Yes! Please contact us for a safeguarding confirmation letter.

What sanctions and rewards do you have?

Bonterre recognises that children we work with are not responding to formal sanctions at school and have adapted an approach that seeks to develop a child’s intrinsic self control. Please contact us for full details of our policies.

Can you administer medication?

If prescription medication needs to be administered, then we will need to know in advance. Our drugs policy contains a form that must be completed by the parent/carer and explains how medicine is to be handed over.