Tailored One-to-One Provision

What We Can Offer

These sessions are designed for children approaching or at crisis point, who are at risk of exclusion or are not currently able to access education. This may be for a variety of reasons including Special Education Needs (SEN), anxiety or trauma.

Whilst continuing on role at their current school, children spend up to 16 hours per week at Bonterre with our staff who are trained in a range of SEN and attachment issues.

Guided Activities

By working alongside us on the farm in purposeful work that needs to be done, the children learn to complete tasks successfully and be proud of their achievements, as well as learning land-based skills. Children will be guided by a trained youth worker, either on an individual one-to-one basis or in small groups, depending on their needs.

Activities are often farm tasks such as harvesting, pruning, weeding or planting but also include other activities such as craft, survival, walking, sport, animal care or woodwork.

As well as this, the children take part in role playing and discussions to help them explore the way they respond to situations and help them to take more positive actions.

Skills Development

Each day, a child may help gather food from the farm and make lunch for staff and students. The lunch is a key time when we talk positively about each other and build relationships. Everything we do is used to model and teach the social skills needed to succeed in school and life.

75% of the children at Bonterre report an improvement in their attitudes at school. In our analysis, children also report feeling healthier, happier and better able to get on with friends and family.

Many of the children discover hidden talents and passions through their activities with us. We’ve found some amazing budding farmers, florists and chefs! We have numerous examples of how spending time at Bonterre broadens children’s potential, helping them to grow their skills and their aspirations for the future.