Farm to Fork Days

On Farm to Fork days, whole school classes or community groups visit us, to see a working farm, understand where their food comes from and what is involved in producing it.

The activities are adapted to the age and ability of the group and are therefore suitable for all ages from 5-105! On a whole or half day visit, children (or adults) will take part in a selection of four fun activities, all designed to teach them about agriculture and food.

Whilst aiming to be fun and enjoyable, the sessions have a strong educational content, fulfilling multiple elements of the national curriculum. The mathematical, communication, scientific skills and knowledge involved in the activities seek to help children understand how what they are learning in school has direct relevance to the real world and their future careers.

Depending on the time of year, the age of the group and the organiser’s preferences, visitors could spend the day on activities including: scarecrow making, picking for orders, sowing seeds, estimating crop yields, apple tasting, plant identification or preparing a meal from the produce on the farm.

For many people this may be the first time they have realised that strawberries come in different varieties!